Frequently Asked Questions

Expo is a Union Contractor which means that all of our manpower is from a skilled Labor Union specific to the tradeshow industry. This gives Expo the consistency in manpower that allows us to give first-class service to every client.

CWT=Hundred Weight A unit of weight measurement created by US merchants in the late 1800s. To calculate drayage, round your weight up to the next hundred lbs. For example if you have a shipment that weighs 289lbs and $57.00 per CWT the calculation would be 3 x $57 = $171.00. Please see your exhibitor kit for more information.

Expo can work with just about any suppliers of ancillary services. We have great working relationships with almost all providers of AV, Telephone, PC Rental, Electrical & Plumbing etc…

Expo has a wide selection of drape and color options in stock. And if we don’t have it we can get it!

Expo can do a tradeshow anywhere in the continental United States. We do many shows around the country to include Long Beach, Las Vegas, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, San Diego and Washington DC just to name a few.

Absolutely, Expo has been known to set up exhibitions in many nontraditional spaces. If we can get the equipment there, we can make a trade show.

Every quote from Expo on rental items are based on the WHOLE EVENT! We never nickel & dime with daily rates.

Exhibitors may place orders from the time that the Exhibitor Kit is published up to the move in of the show. You can receive services at a discounted rate if you order in advance if the posted Deadline Date.

When you choose to send your freight to the Advanced Warehouse prior to a show, our SOP is to make sure your shipment is in your booth by the posted exhibitor set up time.

Rental booths are the most cost effective way to stay cutting edge with design and graphics. There are no additional costs such as labor or shipping charges when you select a TURN KEY Expo custom booth.

Expo is the preferred contractor at most of the South Florida facilities. We have great working relationships with all properties that events and exhibitions are held.

Expo is proud to always offer fair pricing with excellence service. According to the Tradeshow Week Annual Survey, all of our prices are lower than our competition in South Florida.